Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Mysterious Benedict Society

I am currently reading The Mysterious Benedict Society. When a mysterious ad comes up in the newspaper saying "ARE YOU A GIFTED CHILD LOOKING FOR SPECIAL OPPORTUNITIES?", Reynie Muldoon is there to answer the call. He comes to an office building to take a test, and is the only kid who passes. He ends up taking 3 more tests and passes them all. He and his 3 friends Kate Wetherall, George (Sticky) Washington, and Constance Contraire have to stop a evil scientest who is sending messages through childrens thoughts. Will Reynie and his friends stop the sender? You and me will both have to read it and finish it to find out. THIS IS A JUNE POST!

The Throne of Fire

I am currently rescue the reading the Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan. Carter and Sadie Kane are on a mission to rescue the 3 scrolls of Ra to wake him and have him banish Aphophis back into the Duat so that he doesn't eat the sun and have the world plunge in to a dark age for eternity. This book is very exciting so far. Sadie's grandparents were possessed by gods and they meet the god of dwarves wearing a speedo. i would highly reccommend this book. THIS IS A MAY POST!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Point Blank is by Anthony Horowitz. Alex Rider, a teen super spy, is sent on a mission to find what is happening in Point Blank, a school for the wealthy, non-smart, disobeying kids. He then finds out that an evil doctor is duplicating kids and sending the duplicates back to their parents. Alex tries to stop him, but does he succeed? you'll have to read the book to find out! MMMWWWAAAHHHAAAA!This is an APRIL POST!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Forbidden Sea

I just wanted to let you know that this book is really good, I read it in one day!
This book is about a girl called Adrienne. She is living with her now poor family after her father got killed in a tragic accident. She thinks that a mermaid is out to kill her sister, turns out that she really wants Adrienne! Adrienne has more troubles than that, she has to do all the chores, live with the fact that her best friend is falling for Cora Lyn, the town's wealthy and prettiest girl, and she has to live knowing that she was one of the reasons that caused her father's death. Adrienne has a lot to handle, but then she gets an offer that could change her life. to find out what that offer is, you will have to read the book!!!!!!THIS BLOG IS FOR MAY!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Slob by Ellen Potter


In the book Slob, there are many problems that twelve-year-old Owen has to deal with. For one, Owen is 57% fatter than the average twelve year old. Another problem is that his "mom" always packs him three oreos for lunch, but somebody keeps stealing them. Another problem is his sister, Jeremy. Jeremy is not her real name, her real name is Caitlan. One other problem is his invention, Nemesis. Nemesis will show him the criminal that killed his real parents, and changed his life forever. Will his invention work? Will he ever find out who steals his oreos? Will he stopped getting teased for being 57% fatter than the average twelve year old? read the book to find out!

I got this book at the book fair today, and I finished it today. I think this book is very good. This is by far one of the best books I have read this year.

Woods Runner

This story starts in the woods when Samuel is out hunting, and he realizes there is a large fire coming from the direction of his house. Samuel went back to his house and found every one in his nieghborhood dead in the ashes of their houses except his parents. Samuel followed their trail until he met a large group of soldiers. The soldiers attacked him, but he attacked back and killed a soldier while only getting cut. After he was wounded some of the hostages cared for Samuel until he was healed and sped up to catch his parents. On the way he stopped at a large bar to eat, but the soldiers attacked. Only two survived, Samuel and a little girl named Anne. Samuel took good care of Anne on the journey to rescue his parents. One day on the road Samuel and Anne came across a man with na large waggon. That man said he would help the two save Samuel's parents. The man lead them to his parents and came up with a plan to save them. Later on the trip they saved Samuels parents, but thats all I can tell you.


This book is about a prom. A senior prom. All of the seniors of their high school are going!! This story is about how all of the kids find their dates, and dresses, and many other things. But the main story is ab out a girl named Nova, she is a straight A student, who is oprganized and preppy. She really likes this guy Brandon and wants him to ask her to Prom, but the thing is, he isn going to prom!!!! Nova was sad because she had made all of the decorations with him!!! But then one day the decorations were burnt in a school fire!! So Nova, and a bad boy named Jesse had to build them back up!! Nova hates Jesse at first but starts to fall for him!! Will there be romance? Hatred?

Against the Tide

This book is about a twelve girl whose dad has gone of to be a spy for the army. There is a big war going on. The Civil War! After the dad leaves her and her two little brothers are left home alone. Shortly after the dad leaves their salves run away and the Yankees are coming to attack the island they live on. The kids try to get everything ready so they can go to their other house. When they are on their way to the other house they decide they aren't going to the house untill they find their father. Do they find their dad? Do they get caught by the Yankkes? Do they ever see their slaves again? Well, you'll have to read the book to find out!

Cesar's Way

Cesar's Way is about how to be more friendly with your dog. Some ways are, how to relate to your dog on a canine level, how to choose a dog that is right for your family, why your dog needs a job, the difference between discipline and punishment and much more! lots of people call Cesar a dog whisperer because he gives you tips for your dog. If you want to learn how to pick the right dog for your lifestyle you should read this book.

Monday, May 30, 2011

School of Fear cont.

Last month I wrote about the School of Fear . I finsihed awhile ago, but wanted to fill you in. At the School of Fear a new girl comes. No one likes her. Turns out she is just too strange. So this story is mainly about these robbers, that keep stealing Mrs. Wellington's things. Once her wigs, then all of her bugs, and dumping spiders and beetles all over the house that contains a girl with the worst phobia of bugs. The suspicious part is that an old student that was never cured always appears right befoe a robbery. Abernathy lives in the woods. The school recieves a note from the robbers telling them to go to a dog show or be exposed. Turns out the robbers are at the show. They tell Mrs. Wellington about their plan. The robbers are...???

Hell's Heroes by Darren Shan

The book "Hell's Heroes," the last book of Darren Shan's "Demonata" series is one of the best books in the series. It is about the three people chosen to either save the Earth from demons or destroy Earth as we know it: Grubbs, a werewolf who is crazy with grief and anger, Kernel, a boy blinded by his ally and held on Earth against his wishes, and Bec, a girl from hundreds of years ago who has pledged herself to Lord Loss, and demon master, and Death itself. All three of them are a piece of the Kah-Gash, a very ancient object which has the power to create or destroy worlds. Their goal was to destroy the demon universe, but plans got halted with the betrayal of Bec, the growing power of Death, and massacres of humans all over Earth. Will these three beings manage to save the world as we know it? Or will Earth drop into a world of blood, death, and darkness?
I would recommend this book to people who like creepy and very bloody books, and who can handle reading about slightly uncomfortable things and situations. If you like all of these things, then I strongly suggest you read this series.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Eragon is a good book for you if you like magic and action. It is about about who finds a mysterious blue stone in the mountains when he is out hunting. He lives with his uncle and his cousin on a farm a few miles away from the town. Later, a baby dragon hatches out of the stone. He hides it in the forest and doesn't tell anybody. Eragon has to run away when strangers kill his uncle after asking him about the stone. He meets a storyteller named Brom, who helps him escape. This is a great book and I just gave away the first hundred pages.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Babysitting Wars

This book is about a girl named Kaitlyn.
She is the best babysitter in the whole town of
Marshfield. She has two best
friends, Liesel and Maggie.
Liesel is an artist while
Maggie is into sports.
Neither one of them babysit.
One day when they were at
lunch at Marshfield High a
new girl named Nola came
over to them to talk, she was
a babysitter too. Kaitlyn likes
this boy named Topher.
Kaitlyn does not like Nola
because she is stealing her
babysitting clients and her
crush! It was not a game
anymore it was war!
Will Kaitlyn still be the best babysitter at Marshfield
High or will Nola step in with her babysitting talent? How far will Kaitlyn go to defend her turf?
This book is about a girl named Kaitlyn.
She is the best babysitter in the whole town of
Marshfield. She has two best
friends, Liesel and Maggie.
Liesel is an artist while
Maggie is into sports.
Neither one of them babysit.
One day when they were at
lunch at Marshfield High a
new girl named Nola came
over to them to talk, she was
a babysitter too. Kaitlyn likes
this boy named Topher.
Kaitlyn does not like Nola
because she is stealing her
babysitting clients and her
crush! It was not a game
anymore it was war!
Will Kaitlyn still be the best babysitter at Marshfield
High or will Nola step in with her babysitting talent?
Read this book you will like it!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Throne of Fire

I am reading The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan. If you read the Red Pyramid this will be easy to follow, Sadie and Carter are back and now have more troubles now that Apophis is rising. The have five days to stop him or else the world will end. They face gods monsters and every thing in between. This book is great, I highly recomend it.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cross my heart and hope to spy

Hey guys I just read a book called cross my heart and hope to spy. This book is about a 16 year old girl named Cammie Morgan. Cammie goes to a school for spy's, she just broke up with her boy friend, Josh.Then guys come from a nother spy school to work with them. These guys met them, Cammie amd her friends in DC on a mission and Cammie met Zach, Zach keept comming back for Cammie. Then the head master for the boy school stole a disk that was important to the girls school. Cammie, her friends, and the boys have to work togeather to save the disk. In the end they find out it was a test/real life traning. this is a realy good book I would defenetly recomend it.

Cross my heart and hope to spy

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is a book mainly about Katniss Everdeen and Peeta.
Every year, the 12 districts must have a reaping to determine who will fight to the death in an areana. Katniss's sister Prim, gets picked but Katniss voulenteered to go instead. Since they must pick a girl and a boy, they draw Peeta's name. A few months ago, when Katniss's father died, she had to protect her mom and sister and get food for them. One day, she wasn't succesful on a hunt and had no food for about 2-3 days. On her way to the Hob, a black market, she stopped at a bakery. A Peeta came out with a burnt loaf of bread that his mom told to feed to the pigs. He threw it to Katniss and went back inside. So on thier way to the Capitol, they mean their instructor, Hamitch. He is a drunk who must teach them how to survive in the areana.Tthey practice for a while in the training room with the other contestents before they are sent to slaughter. On the big day they go to the areana and get placed on metal plates. When the gong rings they run to the Cornacopia to get a few supplies. Katniss is smart enough to know not to go there with the others or else she would probably die. She runs to the woods and hopes someone will kill Peeta before she must...

The Hunger Games

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Zach's Lie

This book is by Roland Smith, who also wrote Peak, another book I posted about. This book, Zach's Lie, Is a great book if you like mystery and action. It is about a boy named Jack, who's dad dealt with drug dealers and was caught and put in jail. The drug dealers threaten to kill Jack and his family, so, Jack, his sister, and his mom re put in the Witness Security Program, a program that protects them by changing their identity, their hair color, and even the color of their eyes. This is a great book.

mistaken Identity by Mark Tabb

This book is about a group of eight college kids going on a road trip for spring break. When they were traveling they got in to a terrible car accident. Five people died in the accident. Ambulance rushed to pick up the people. All the news was on this one girl, Laura Van Ryn, as she fought for her life. As she gradually got better and went to rehab they had her practice to write her name. They kept telling her to write Laura, but every time she wrote Whitney. They couldn't understand if she was trying to tell them something or if she had serious brain damage. So was Whitney another girl in the accident? Is what we thought to be Laura really be Whitney? You'll have to read to the book to find out.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

School of Fear 2

       Im currently reading the second School of Fear. Just like in the first all of them have to go to a secret school hidden in the woods. The school is dedicated to helping kids solve their fears. In this novel there is a twist, a mystery. This summer there is a robber. The robber takes some very suspicous irems like wigs and a very sacred turtle shell. Mrs.Wellington thinks it is a former pageant rival taking all her things.Another twist is a new character is introduced. Hyhy or Hycaninth is a casually dressed blabbermouth. She is afraid of being alone, so she sticks to everyones side. I really enjoy this series and i think you will to. To find out the ending read it for yourself.


In this book, Conor Broekhart has always loved the air. In fact, Conor was born in a balloon.His parents took a balloon ride, then somebody shot down the balloon. The pilot, Victor Vigny, had to try to land the balloon. They got lucky and were caught on the crown of the Statue of Liberty while it was still in France.
On the island of Great Saltee, Conor was always dreaming to fly. Once, he would of, if his father hadn't stopped him from being pulled out to the sea by his kite. When Princess Isabella and Conor went exploring in the castle, they stumbled upon the king's explosives. someone set on off, then they all started to go off. Conor took Isabella to the roof and used the kite as a flag to save them both.
This book is very interesting. It was recommended to me by Adam, and I strongly recommend it to anybody that likes adventure, and flying. Airman rules!!!

Doctor Procter's Fart Powder

I am reading this book called Doctor Procter's Fart Powder. It is a funny book. There is a new kid, Nelly to the neighborhood and he becomes friends with the girl next door named Lisa. One day Nelly goes to the house across the street and meets Doctor Procter and sees the scientist's lastest invention, a fart powder that doesn't smell. Well Lisa gets to find out about the invention and they have to find a way to use it. Well they start selling it for 50 cents a bag at school and it becomes a hit. I am not going to spoil anymore.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Raising Stanley

I am reading Raising Stanley by Ross Bernstein.It is about what it takes to claim hockey's ultimate prize. It has pages of what NHL's legends said when they won the Stanley Cup. If you love hockey, like me, this is a great book for you. All of the pages I read said that they had a dream of winning the Stanley Cup when they were a kid. Gordie Howe said I don't think players should say I won the Stanley Cup instead We won the Stanley Cup. He said that because the Stanley Cup is a team award. It is my dream to win the Stanley Cup. I have already learned a lot from this book.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Trapped By: Michael Northrop

This book is narrated by a boy named Scott. In the book Scott and a few other kids get
trapped in their school waiting for they're parents to come. At the beginning there is a teacher
with them but after that teacher leaves and doesn't come back, they're all alone. As one night
passes the snow outside grows about eight feet around the school. As the snow grows heavier
the halls grow darker. After twenty four hours in the school everyone gets hungry. Scott doesn't
want to be kicked off the basketball ball so doesn't know if he should break into the lunchroom
or not. Soon enough Scott gives into his hunger and breaks in. To find out the ending to this book
read it!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Coven of witches

The book i read is called The Coven of Witches. it's a book of short stories by Johseph Delany. One of the short stories is about Alice Deane. When she was a girl, a witch, Bonney Lizze, came to take her to her house and practice witch craft.When Lizze went out to collect herbs, Alice was cooking soup for Lizze. Then an ugly demon like thing jumped in the steaming hot cauldron. Alice yelled at him and he treatend to kill her. So when Lizze got back she told her what happend. Lizze just said that his name was Spig and that he was her familier. (A witch must give a creature her blood to make it her familier, a servant.) Alice then goes on a trip to collect Lizzy's potion in a withc grave. An old dead witch stoppes her and askes what she wants. Alice asked for her help and the old witch told her that the potion makes Spig drunk and sleepy. So Alice waited until Lizze was out of the house and until Spig drank the poition. She crept up to his room and attacked him.

What happens next? You can find out.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

One False Note

One False Note is the 2nd book in the 39 Clues series. The two characters Amy an Dan are in a competition between all the people who benefitted from their grandmother's will. This book is set in Venice, Italy. Amy and Dan go all over Venice looking for the second clue of the 39 clues. Eventually they find out that one of Mozart's songs contains the clue and it had to be played on a special violin. Once played by the Kabras, one of their competitors, the violin blew up. If you would like to read this great book go to the library or your local book store.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


My story is about a new boy in town named Bryce and he met a girl named Juli and he does not like her she follows him around and she she smells his hair in class, but it all started when he was 8 years old and Juli came and asked to help UN-pack his things from the moving truck and Bryce's father tried to get rid of her but she would not budge and Bryce's father said "Bryce don't you have to help your mother" Bryce soon got the point his father wanted him to go and Bryce ran to the house and Juli followed. After she tried to race him and tied each other, something weird happened they held hands and both stopped and stared at each other and the book says both of their sides of the story and Bryce said he thought that it was weird and a BIG mistake and then he was like an 8 year old boy would run behind his mom and in side the house. Juli's thought was a lot different she thought forever that Bryce was holding her first kiss and she was obsessed that was Bryce's thought and in school she would hug him and all he herd was "Bryce and Juli sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G first comes love then comes marriage then come baby Bryce in the baby carriage!". For the whole school year Bryce was sick until he met his now best bud Garret and he new Juli Backer was a freak to everyone and then Bryce y have been friends ever sense then and Juli never gave up she gave Bryce eggs every morning.Then everything changes for Bryce and does he like Juli Baker? Does he just fell bad? Could he have Flipped?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The book Mockingbird is about a girl who was aspergers syndrome. In the book her brother dies, this is vary hard for the girl because her brother always told her right from wrong. Her brother died in a shooting in their middle school. After her brothers death she wants to find closure. To find closure finish the wooden chest brother was working on because it was so important to him. At first her dad won't let her build it but after a lot begging he gives in. To see if the girl and her father find closer you're going to have to read the book.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

seekers book 6

EMILY, AND THOSE THAT ARE PLANING TO READ THIS BOOK DON'T READ THIS BLOG! Hey guys, I just read a book that I would recommend. It is the Seekers book 6(Sperits in the stars), by Erin Hunter. First, the book starts with the four bears, that have travled far and are the main charicters, kalik,(poller bear) Lusa,(black bear) toklo,(grizzly bear) and ujark,(also grizzly bear). They just left an oil rig were lusa gets soked in oil because she jumped in the oil to save her self and the people think she is a poller bear, because they cant get her fur clean .Later in the book kalik finds a cub and decides to keep it his mom died from a seal that is full of oil that she ate, The cubs family does not knows evean though they are living on the same island. farther in to the book some thing happens, the bears have to wreak an oil rig and ujark turns in to a caribou. ujark dies!!!!!!!!! he is crushed by an avilanche after the wreak saving his friends as a musk ox . A cave painting they found that ujark had to go to the cave, had four bears now it has three the went there because ujark had a dreem to go there.Every bear was sad for his death. Then kalik has to returne the cub to his family(he's sooooo cute) they are greatful. when they leave a bear named yakinon wants to come with kalik because they are friends and toklo lets him come because kalik is his friend. That is the end.

guts the true story to Hatchet

I read the real story behind Hatchet by Gary Paulson called Guts. it teaches you what it was really like to prepare for something like this Gary experienced everything in the book like making a bow or killing deer or getting hit by moose. In one part Gary made a bow out of wood and shot a grouse for his first animal he shot his biggest deer with it, a twelve pointer! This is a great book for people who want to know the real story about Hatchet. This book is available at the library, great book.

Friday, April 1, 2011

James and the Giant Peach

In this awsome book I just read James Henry Trotter is living a perfect life, with perfect friends, and a perfect house that looks at the beach. But when James's parents are eaten by a rhinosarous, he is sent off to live with his evil aunts, Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker. One day when his aunts were making him split wood he saw an old man. The old man gave him crystals and said to never spill them and they will make his life the best. But when James is running he trips on a root and spills the beads on an old peach tree that never produces peaches. But one day the tree produces a peach, a peach so big it is like a house. One day James crawls into the peach and finds a house with a giant grasshopper, ladybug and more. Then after that, something extrodinary happens. So read the book to find out more.

James and the Giant Peach

Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Hardy Boys

It was cool when the Hardy boys were having a race on there horses and how that on there last race someone sabotage it so that the horse got hurt and the rider ended up dead and how when he rounded the corner he almost fell off because his horse kept rearing because there was a rattle snake right on the path. Read to learn more.


This book is about Count Dracula, a vampire. Jonathon Harker visits Dracula's castle to sell an old church to him, but gets trapped in his castle. What he sees frightens him greatly. The first couple nights were fine, but after a while when Dracula would not let him out of the house, he became scared. One night, he saw a figure climbing the wall of the castle across from his window. The strange thing is, the figure started at Dracula's window. This story is filled with excitement, adventures, and is a little creepy. This book is really awesome and I recommend it to everybody. I loved this book!

The Demonata Series: Book Two

Hi everyone! If you enjoy reading grisly, violent, and very bloody books, then The Demonata Series are the books for you!
Today I am blogging about the second book in the series: Demon Thief. In this book of the series, there is a boy named Kernel Fleck who seems to not fit in with anyone. He has very few friends and has been seeing these strange lights since he was a child. His teachers get worried, and they suggest going to a therapist, which is denied. But, when a powerful demon from their world steals his little brother, Art, Kernel's whole life changes. Will he learn the reason for the lights? And, if he succeeds, along with the many friends and alliances he makes along the way, will he learn secrets about himself, and maybe even rescue his brother? Find out!
I must warn you though, this book takes guts and blood and beyond. If reading about demons ripping flesh and devouring heads, wading in a pool of guts, or finding that the truth about life can REALLY hurt (lol) freaks you out, i suggest you to not read this book. It is also helpful to read the first book: Lords Loss first, so you get the idea behind the series. I hope you guys decide to read this book. Once you pick it up, you never want to put it down!

The Seer of Shadows by avi

I just finished reading The Seer of Shadows by Avi. I finally understand what seer of shadows means. Apparently it means you can bring spirits back from the dead and into the real world through photographs, videos, etc. In this story Horace brings back the spirit of a young girl named Eleanora. Eleanora was seeking revenge on her aunt and uncle who had neglected her and Eleanora ended up dieing. She was going to kill her aunt and uncle for abusing her and one of her best friends, Pegg, who was her aunt and uncles new servant. Horace knew he brought back Eleanora, but couldn't tell anyone, he couldn't trust anyone. Finally he found someone he could trust, Pegg. He told Pegg everything and she believed him. In the end Eleanora did get her revenge and Horace and Pegg got married. They had a little girl named Eleanora, but something happens to her. If you want to find out what the revenge was and what happens to the new Eleanora you will just have to read the book and find out.


I am currebtly reading Ashes by Kathryn Lasky. The book Ashes based on Germany during when Hitler was powerful. Gabriella Schamm is the main character. She is living with her sister, Ulla, her mom and her dad.  Gaby and her friend first notice signs of Hitler regaining power when they go the movies. At the movies Gaby notices a sea of brown shirts. That night her mom explains that Hitler's army, thr brown shirts disrupted the same movie Gaby was going to go to. Then her father, a professor, said that the brown shirts also disrupted his conference. So in the morning they moved to their good friend Albert Einstein's house. That is as far as I got, home you enjoy reading this one day.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Code Talker, by Joseph Bruchac

This book is set in World War Two, and it is about a Navajo boy named Ned Begay, who joins the marines. The Navajo squads had done better in training than any other squads. In the marines, he discovers that the Navajo marines learn a secret code based off of their language. He learns that code and travels through Japan with the other marines, taking the islands one square inch at a time. This is a great book and is based off of real events (not people) from World War Two.

The Looking Glass Wars

This book is about a girl named Alyss. In the beginning of the book,she is watching the inventor's parade with her mother, the queen, when her evil aunt Redd arrives. Alyss 's best friend, Dodge, tries to help her get away, but doesn't succeed and Redd finds her. Alyss escapes through the Pool of Tears with Hatter Matigan, a guardsman to the queen. He knows it is his duty to protect Alyss, since both her parents were killed by Redd. Alyss grows up and lives on earth. She eventually is reunited with Hatter and Dodge and they return to Wonderland. Alyss is told she must go through her looking glass maze in order to defeat Redd. If she does or not, you will have to Read the book to find out.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I read this book called Hero. It is about a kid named Zach Harriman. Every one should not read on from here because you will read this book.His dad used to be a superhero but died in a plane crash. While trying to find out the truth behind his dad's death Zach learns the truth about himself and about the generation before him. I won't forget the Bads. Zach learns about the mysterious Mr. Herbert. I would read the best book of the century. Who knows, maybe you might find out something about yourself.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Alex Rider: Stormbreaker

Alex Rider is a normal 14 year old kid at school. But, when his uncle dies, he finds out that the bank that he worked for was actually a cover for a secret agency! Alex is then recruited for the agency and is sent of on a mission, to stop the delivery of the Stormbreakers to schools all over Britain. Stormbreakers are a type of extremely high-tech computers that Sayle Enterprises are making. It is a great read and is worth two books. I highly recommend it.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Hobbit

Bilbo Baggins is a rich, comfortable, non-adventurous hobbit who lives under the hill, past the river, at Bag-End. That is, until mighty wizard, Gandalf comes along and chooses that he should be a burgalar to help take back the once great kingdom of the dwarves under the mountain. One catch, an evil dragon, Smaug lays upon his mountain of gold, always guarding. Plus the whole journey, which definately will not be easy, and a war that will split the group of fourteen even further than had happened. Can Bilbo fulfill his task with the help of a magic ring? If you are looking for a tale of great adventure that warms the heart, The Hobbit is for you.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Barcode Tattoo

It's 2025 and Kayla Reed is ready to turn 17! That's when she can get her barcode tattoo. A barcode tattoo is where people can find out your name, age and blood type from scanning it. Kayla decides to get her tattoo when her father commits suicide and her mother becomes an achoholic. She sees that people are killing themselves because of this tattoo. She is beginning to suspect that the tattoo has a little more information on it than your name, age and blood type.

Wrath of the Bloodeye

This book is called Wrath of the Bloodeye by Joseph Delany.
Tom Ward, the 7th son of the 7th son has being the spooks apprentice for almost 2 years. The Devil himself and his minions are after him. But for his spook trianing he must spend 6 months with Bill Arkwright, a fellow spook. He must leave his friend Alice behind and spend a long 6 months in a boggy swamp to learn about water witches. His training with Arkwright is brutal and intence. They fight eachother with sticks and play hide and seek with 2 wolfhounds. But as the story progresses he meets Bloodeye, the Devils daughter and a water witch. He learns that if the Devil's children kill him, he will rule forever. But if he kills Tom himself, he will rule a short 100 years. As the Devil freezes time itself and makes Tom battle a dozen water witches and Bloodeye in the damn marsh. As all seems lost he finds that he's not alone.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Comeback Kids

Comeback Kids is a book about a boy named Scott who is the new kid at Bloomfield South Middle School and everyone makes fun of him. Being the new kid, Scott joins the football team. When Scott arrives for his first practice, everyone is suprised to see him. Scott has a bad first practice but that doesn't stop the best player on the team Kris from becoming Scott's new best friend. When Scott invites Kris to his house for the first time he brings him to his private football field that is in his backyard. The field has field goal posts, tires for Scott to throw his ball through, and touchdown zones. When Kris sees the field he is very surprised, but that is not all Kris is surprised about. Scott has a secret talent that would end up winning the championship game. So if you would like to find out what Scott's secret talent is, read this book, i bet that you will love it.

The 39 Clues book 8: The Emperors Code

The 8th book in the 39 clues series, written by Gordan Korman, is one of the best books in the series. It is set in China, where Dan and Amy are fighting after discovering in the previous book that they are Madrigals. After one of their fights, Dan runs away, and is captured by their cousins. Meanwhile, Amy and Nellie are frantically searching all over China for him. Dan finds himself with another of his cousins. Dan and Amy are both trying to find eachother, but their cousins are effectively stopping them. Sounds like a happy story, right? :D

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden is about a girl named Mary. She lived in India with her servants and parents. After drinking a little too much of wine she shouldn't have drank at all, she fell asleep. She slept for a very long time and when she finally woke up, most of the servants and her parents were dead from disease. The other servants had all fled. She was found and went to her Uncle's house in Yorkshire. Her maid, Martha, had told her the outside air would make her better as Mary's skin was a yellow color. After a while she did get better. However, she did not know that there was another child in the house. Or that she would find The Sercret Garden.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Last Olympian

The Last Olympian is about Percy Jackson and his friends trying to save Olympus. 40 kids from Camp Half-Blood go to Manhattan to try to stop Kronos' army.The campers try to stop his army from invading Mount Olympus on the 600th floor of the Empire State Building. But, across the country, the All-powerful Titan, Typhon, is being stopped by the gods of Olympus. This book is over 300 pages, so it will count as 2 books in your 25 Book List. It is a great read and I recommend it. But, I do not recommend reading it before you have read the first 4.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Curse of the Bane

The book I read is Curse of the Bane. Its the second book in the last apprentice seiries. It starts out in a small village when a bloodsucking boggart begins to eat the town's priest. Tom, the spooks aprentice, come to the rescue in hopes of binding a boggart for the first time. When he binds the boggart, he goes back to his masters house in Chippeden. The next day they recieved word that the preist died. The spook tells him that it was his brother who hatted him because of his dark arts. They then go to PriestTown for a funeral but find that a creeature called the Bane is regaining power. The county Quisitor, a mayor, captures the spook and his friend Allice and is going to burn them at the stake. After Tom rescues them the spook tells him they must go to the burrial site of the man who first bound the Bane in hopes of getting information about its weakness. But the Quisitor is on thier heels and Allice is no longer trusted. Read this book and see what happens next.